President's Message

April 15, 2021

Toronto Chapter President's Address to the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Good Evening Everyone,

To our Past Presidents, current Executive, current Board members, our Administrative Assistant, Distinguished Guests, and all members in attendance, it is again an honour to be present here tonight as the President of the Toronto Chapter.

Before I begin my speech, let me take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our frontline workers who combat daily the pandemic in order to make the world safer for us all—we thank the medical community, sanitation workers, essential service providers and law enforcement agencies.

I am speaking to you today in very unusual circumstances. I sincerely regret our inability to meet in person because of a pandemic that is affecting us all. It is our duty to keep our distance. I hope you are doing well and keeping safe and healthy. As the country is reeling under Covid-19, it has disrupted our collective sense of the ‘normal’, but I am sure that we will emerge out of this crisis stronger, more resilient, and wiser.

At last year’s Annual Meeting, my remarks pointed to our two-year strategic plan on growing the Toronto Chapter with good governance and strong community development. Following that message, the world changed and 2020 was a year of mixed emotions. Some worries I heard from members and non-members were fears for family, time, shock, and none more prevalent than social distancing and quarantine. With this is mind, I would like to express my admiration for all of you, for your commitment and willingness to mobilize in this difficult period. My sincere thanks for bearing through a rough time.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the goal of the chapter was to move our programs and learning online. At our first board meeting, I talked to the team about creating one event a month for all the members. I am pleased to share with you that the team accomplished this feat despite the social distancing and lack of in person events.

Our online meetings continued to enable members to maintain and build their professional networks in a professional or social setting. The respective chairs will discuss the highlights of the year you will see later in the PowerPoint. 

Two major events were significantly affected last year, the annual Golf Networking Day and the annual graduation ceremony. Many of us look forward to these events, but unfortunately the golf event was cancelled for 2020, but our annual graduation ceremony was held online. Despite the virtual format, it was so pleasing to see many of the graduates with their families come and celebrate the event with us. The Credit Specialists and new Certified Credit Professionals were added to our fraternity of credit professionals, and we hope to see many of them out at future events.

Our past presidents have always had a powerful passion for actively growing our board. Let me continue their actions by emphasizing that participation on the board is the place for new and existing members. It provides a networking forum to share and gain skills and knowledge and make important connections to broaden both professional and personal horizons. Call or email our administrative office to get started. 

I hope that later this year, after the third wave in Ontario passes, that we are able to get back together.

In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge certain people who make our Chapter look good.

Carolin Hwozdyk is our Executive Administrator and a CCP who keeps her finger on the Chapter’s pulse. Each year my predecessors have correctly highlighted her work supporting the committees and helping put together events, and communicating with our members, national office and our vendors. Once again, I too would like to thank you, Carolin, for all that you do in making our Chapter run smoothly.

Also, I want to extend a big thank you to the Toronto Chapter volunteers, executive committee, board members, and committee chairs. Their work in supporting you, the membership, and putting on events is highly appreciated. With the pandemic we could have heard a lot of excuses for not hosting events, but I only ever heard them push for the next event in each board meeting. It is truly their engagement that makes the chapter successful.

And finally, to the Toronto Chapter members: your support and representation helps to make the credit community stronger and builds the professionalism of our membership.

I express my, and the boards, thanks for your attendance, affection and support. 


Supinder Babra
Credit Institute of Canada Toronto Chapter