Board of Directors

The board of directors is elected on a yearly basis during the Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM). This board is bound to act within the by-laws of the Credit Institute of Canada. Please visit the Governance page for more information.

National Director

National Director - OntarioLina Chindamo, CCP124158b929b5f-378c-47c0-89ad-b4e46996f060False
National Director - OntarioSandra King, CCP318666e143709-feed-4e2e-8548-ad165eb30c2eFalse
National Director - OntarioKenneth Young, CCP (Emeritus)45201441590c-b4b9-4765-8016-78085c723262False

Executive Committee

Chapter PresidentBlair DeMarco-Wettlaufer, ACI35327False
Chapter TreasurerKerri Hamacher, CCP12129False


Marketing & Communications ChairEmmaline Cartwright, CCP34841False
Student Coordinator ChairPatty Duwyn, CCP23124False
Program ChairMike Ohler20991False
Membership ChairJason Rolfe38235False