Hear what our members have to say about their experience at Credit Institute of Canada.

Student Testimonials

Raluca Pop, CCP, Credit Manager, Epiroc

Toronto, Canada

Tony Lengua"After 7 years in the same position within the same organization, it was time to challenge myself professionally. I knew I wanted to continue my career in the credit field, but most of the hiring companies were looking for someone with a professional designation. The knowledge that I acquired during my journey in the Certified Credit Professional (CCP) program and the CCP designation have helped me gain an advantage in more ways that I can count."


Tony Lengua, CCP, Credit & Collections Management

Etobicoke, Canada

Tony Lengua"I developed strong negotiation and analytical skills while pursuing the Certified Credit Professional (CCP) program at the Credit Institute of Canada. Since graduating, I have continued to engage in professional development, which has also played a large role in my career growth. The Institute provides the ideal forum for me to network with other credit professionals, share ideas and learn from each other."


Jennifer Karen Bourne, CCP

Toronto, Canada

Jennifer Karen Bourne, CCP“When I first got into credit, it was about 5 years ago and a friend of mine said Jenny, you’ve got to get the CCP. I said what is it, how does it make a difference? And she said it’s the edge that it gives you! The difference that I have noticed with having the CCP is incredible; the type of job that you get, the edge that you have, and the experience that it gives you. There is inside information that you can only get at the Credit Institute, as opposed to being a regular Accounts Receivable person. I recommend the CCP to anyone out there working in credit. It really has changed the whole perspective and dynamic of my career. Now I have the CFO of our company asking me for ideas of how we can minimize risk and optimize revenue. I definitely recommend the CCP to get that edge in your career.”


Tanya Bigler

Calgary, Canada

Tanya Bigler“The Commercial Credit Administration program enhanced my knowledge in Canadian Business Law, Accounting and Credit which proved to be valuable for my employer in Alberta’s current economic climate. Most people crave flexibility and this program provides that for those of us who work full time and have families. The CIC administrative team, alongside their course instructors were very supportive during completion of my program. Becoming a member of the Calgary Chapter has provided valuable networking opportunities!”


The Group of Credit Managers

Mississauga, Canada

team“The Credit Institute of Canada continues to share its expertise across the country with in-house training. This group of Credit Managers from Stericycle in Mississauga gained insight into improving cash flow from our proud CCP designate - Gabriela Arzuman, CCP. She led a half day training session Financial Shared Services – First Cash is King – Collections & Credit Training. You can bring the CIC expertise to your company. Contact us at geninfo@creditedu.org to discuss in- house Commercial Credit training.”


Dionne Miller-Shaw, CCP


Dionne Miller-Shaw“I found each of the Credit Institute courses challenging but also very rewarding. The ease of doing them online meant I could learn in the comfort of my home and on my own schedule. The course materials and topics were so relevant and I could apply what I learned immediately at work. Soon after graduating and getting my Certified Credit Professional designation, I was promoted - my company could see that my new skills were a great asset.”


Janice Boulet, Vice President of Credit, National Leasing

Winnipeg, Canada

Janice Boulet“Credit Management plays a key role in any business and so does the Credit Management Department. I need a team that I can rely on to know how best to manage all clients and situations. There is no doubt that the training received at the Credit Institute has given my team a definite advantage. The skills they bring to their role allow for our department to run with great efficiency and that is of great value to me. I can trust that my staff has the knowledge and ability to make the right decisions – decisions that will ultimately affect our bottom line. Certified Credit Professionals are most definitely assets to our company.”


Leigh McGrath, CCP

Ottawa, Canada

Leigh McGrath“I was given the opportunity to take on a senior credit management role and it became important that I legitimize my qualifications. I had heard of the Credit Institute of Canada and the CCP certification that they offered. After taking a couple of the Credit Basics courses, I knew I needed to take it all the way to certification. The courses were challenging, well prepared, very accessible, and highly relevant. Working full time and going back to school was a daunting idea, but the staff and instructors at the CIC were always there to help and guide. The online learning environment proved to be the perfect venue and the constant support offered by the staff and instructors at the CIC made it possible to reach my certification goal.”


Lyette Chartrand, CCP

Qubec, Canada

Lyette Chartrand“Construction is at the heart of our economy yet construction credit is still a mystery for many if not most. Credit Institute of Canada held a very informative and helpful training session on this topic. It was a great training opportunity!”


Jagdeep Chohan, CCP

British Columbia, Canada

Jagdeep Chohan“I’m a recent graduate from the CCP program. I first learned about the program when I was at the CIC National Credit Conference in 2013. That’s when I became aware of the benefits of the program and how it would open doors for my career. The more I researched the CCP program, the more I learned how many leaders in the Credit Industry have their CCP Designation. The decision to enroll in the program was compelling. The Credit Institute staff were very helpful in guiding me through the enrollment process. After working for many years, getting back into studying seems tough. However, the CCP program is laid out in such a great way that you can keep your full time job and take the self study courses in the evening, and weekends. The knowledge that I gained in the CCP program courses has helped me in my day to day duties at work and in my personal life. I encourage those in the Credit Industry to further educate themselves by enrolling in the CCP Program. You will learn new techniques that will benefit your career tremendously. I’m very thankful I became a Designated Member of the Credit Institute of Canada and I look forward to everything that the Institute has to offer.”