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Home Capital's Crisis: A Case Study

Home Capital's Crisis: A Case Study

The Credit Institute of Canada is thrilled to offer you this complimentary live webinar that will prove very useful to all credit management professionals.

This webinar will examine a case study of how liquidity and credit and evaporate when a company loses its credibility and the trust of its creditors.
In 2017 alternative mortgage lender Home Capital Group faced a run on the bank. It had been slow to release news that some of its mortgages had been granted on the basis of fraudulent income statements, submitted by mortgage brokers. When the OSC brought charges against the company, depositors panicked and withdrew billions of dollars from company accounts and investment certificates. Home Capital faced a near-death experience as its liquidity dried up and its stock price dropped by 90%.

Home Capital Crises will discuss;
- It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up
- How little problems can become near-death events
- When access to credit is like access to oxygen, and death by suffocation
- When fundamentals are not enough

Our Presenter – David Baskin,
President, Baskin Wealth Management
David founded Baskin Financial Services Inc. in 1992. The firm, now operating as Baskin Wealth Management, has grown from assets under management of $25 million in 2000 to over $800 million today. Baskin Wealth invests in companies based on fundamental analysis of financial statements and business plans. David appears frequently on national television and radio as a commentator on the markets and is frequently quoted in the press.

2018-04-04 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Online registration not available.

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