Full-Day Seminar

Full-Day Seminar
ft.Tim Paulsen as the Guest Speaker

- 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM 
Where: The Turvey Centre, 100 Armour Rd., Regina 
Cost: $200- Members | $225 - Non-Members
Includes tax and lunch
BONUS: CIC Members receive 25 professional development points! 

In business, nothing comes close to needing the understanding and appreciation of Yin/Yang than Accounts Receivable with the apparent conflicting objectives of collect the money, but keep your customer.”
— Tim Paulsen, author, Zen and the Art of Accounts Receivable Management The PaulZEN Method® 


Don’t let negative feelings about debtor habits and beliefs overwhelm you  
• Take control of your delinquent accounts – by letting go  
• The best way to calm is to focus on your breath – nothing will give you as much advantage when dealing with an irate customer 
• Feelings – Don’t avoid. Hear them out and let them move on; even if not resolved, we can meet up with them later  
• There is great value in writing the perfect e-mail, making the perfect collection call, negotiating the perfect repayment plan 
 • Focus on the ‘now’ 
 • Make your very first collection call ever – on a daily basis! 
 • Develop the list of perfect questions for any excuse given by a debtor 

Okay and ‘not bad’ are unacceptable. Good, is not good enough. The objective is the ‘perfect’ email, collection call, negotiation every time. That is the objective in this unique program combining Eastern philosophy with Western pragmatism. 

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10/22/2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
100 Armour Rd Regina, SK S4P 3C7 CANADA

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