Master Classes For Credit Professionals

Master Classes For Credit Professionals
MasterClass For Credit Professionals
***Limited Seats Available***

Join us for an immersive experience as you learn from the best in the industry for a series of three ground-breaking 90-minute MasterClasses designed for Credit Professionals. This is exclusively for those who have people reporting to them, who would like to reduce their workload, get better results and better recognition for themselves and the credit function. 

Virtual CIC MasterClass For Credit Professionals will be a three-part series.
- MasterClass 1: Reduce your Workload, September 23rd, 2021 
- MasterClass 2: Get better results, November 10th, 2021 
- MasterClass 3: Increase your recognition, January 19th, 2022
Note: Each class will be 90-minute long from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm EST

 $399 for all three MasterClasses (for designated members only)
Location: Zoom Platform (login details will be shared closer to the date )
R.S.V.P.: Confirm your seat by September 22nd, limited seats available.

What you will learn from each class curated only for credit professionals

1) MasterClass 1: Reduce your Workload | September 23rd, 2021 | 12 pm – 1.30 pm EST | 90-minutes duration

Managers are under pressure to get results and typically work long and hard to complete all the tasks required to ensure the smooth running of the department. Being credit management, it often requires the cooperation and help from other departments. We will explain the difference between “managing” and “doing” that will help you focus on getting the job done to a very high standard rather than doing it all yourself. The paradox is that the more you reduce your own workload, the more time you will have to manage and get the very best out of your team. This session will give you the tools and techniques to make this happen. 

2) MasterClass 2: Get better results  | November 10th, 2021 | 12 pm – 1.30 pm EST | 90-minutes duration

No matter what Key Performance indicators you use, the aim of every Credit Team is to get paid in full and on time from every single customer. Credit Management can also have a role in increasing sales and profitability for your business. In this session, we will look at how this can be achieved by setting out your revised expectations and to cut through the distractions to get to the result. We will also look at risk mitigation strategies and different ways to reduce your exposure.

3) MasterClass 3: Increase your recognition | January 19th, 2022 | 12 pm – 1.30 pm EST | 90-minutes duration

Learn the formula for success in large organizations and how to position yourself on the Senior Management Team. The performance of the credit team is often overlooked, misunderstood and under-appreciated. By widening your vision, you will be in a better position at the heart of the business instead of merely being the clean-up function at the end of the sales process. In this session we will look at personal recognition, recognition for the department and for the credit function. 

By attending these three sessions you will renew your enthusiasm for credit and spread positivity throughout your department and your business and preside over a highly functioning, efficient, and effective credit function that is visibly adding significant value to your business. You will discover some new thinking on every aspect of credit and you will have time between the sessions to put the learning into practice. The sessions will blend the need for clear policies, processes and procedures with the required level of controls while still being customer focused and repositioning credit as a profit centre within the business.

About Guest Instructor

Declan is a lifetime credit professional who has written hundreds of articles on the topic and provides education & training in all aspects of credit management in Ireland and beyond. Declan offers unique insights into the untapped potential that exists within the Credit function of every company. He challenges conventional wisdom to give an entirely different view on everyday issues. Declan spoken at conferences from Helsinki to South Africa and from London to Mexico and Canada.

Declan Flood, ICP, FCICM, CMIIP
Chief Executive, Irish Management Training
9/23/2021 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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