Webinar: Keep Calm and Collect

Webinar: Keep Calm and Collect

Join us as we discuss some of the quick and easy things you can do, even early on in the process, that will help reduce credit risk and maximize realizations.

Webinar Topics:

By thinking about the end game, and taking proactive steps along the way, we ensure that we do everything we can to collect the debt.

·         Credit Agreement – Be sure to include key terms in the credit application or loan agreement that will work to your advantage

·         Security Agreement – Take security right from day one!

·         Personal Property Security Act – Register your security interest. Then move quickly and turn your debtor’s personal property into cash.

Join us with our expert on the topic: Alex Fernet Brochu, Associate at Blaney McMurtry and Mervyn D. Abramowitz- CS, Partner at Blaney McMurtry.

About Alex:

Alex is an associate in Blaney McMurtry’s Commercial Litigation Group, and is channeling her passion for litigation into developing a general practice with a special focus on Bankruptcy Reorganization and Insolvency. She also co-authored a French presentation on credit recovery and associated risks for the 2019 National Credit Conference. 

About Mervyn:

Mervyn D. Abramowitz is a partner at Blaney McMurtry LLP in Toronto. He is certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a Specialist in both Civil Litigation and Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law. Mervyn has been practicing law for 32 years, and devotes a portion of his time to giving back to the legal profession and related organizations. He is the former president of the national insolvency law section of the Canadian Bar Association, and the former president of the civil litigation section of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA). He was also a member of the OBA board of directors, and occupied several roles in the OBA insolvency law section throughout the years. Mervyn coauthored a French presentation on credit recovery and associated risks, which he presented at the 2019 National Credit Conference.



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3/2/2020 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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