Your Day In Court

Your Day In Court
The BC Chapter is presenting a full day seminar at the Surrey Law Courts with the assistance of the Justice Education Society. This is an opportunity for you to participate in the actual day to day proceedings during your day at court. You will obtain and receive instruction on the preparation of documents, court procedures including pertinent information and expectations during a court appearance on behalf of your business.

Welcome and Orientation by the Justice Educational Program Co-coordinator, Lali Pawa.
Presentation by Small Claims staff on the Small Claims Process, Documentation and Procedures.

Cost: Members $125.00 | Non-Members $150.00 | Students $85.00
* You will have an opportunity to do some actual court watching of civil and fraud trials in session.
* Attend a session in court room with the Judge on court etiquette and procedures in a Court of Law.
* Gain insight, and suggestions on what to expect & do when you attend court
* On – Line Small Claims Procedures 
* Presentation by a Civil Law Lawyer – Questions and answers
* Presentation by Sheriff/Bailiff with regards to serving of documents on the debtor

Transportation: Bus or Vehicle (Parking is available @ no charge underneath the court house)

Menu: Assortment of sandwiches, fruit, juice and squares Receipts will be provided at the door. 

Contact: Heather Strack Phone 604-364-2100 if you have any questions or dietary requirements.
7/17/2019 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
14340-57th Ave Surrey BC (604-760-5727) - #10 Hwy Surrey

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