Sponsored Webinar : Unlocking Efficiency

Sponsored Webinar : Unlocking EfficiencyNAT_052224 
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Unlocking Efficiency: The Role & Evolution of Technology in Modern Credit Management

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd
Time: 12pm-1pm EST / 9am-10am PST
Price: Free
Location: Zoom

Join us for a compelling webinar as we examine the evolving landscape of Credit & Accounts Receivable (AR) management, starting with Eli Costea who will outline the most recent trends and technological innovations in credit decisioning. Following Eli, we'll hear from Darcie Dykowytsch, CCP, an esteemed industry veteran, who will discuss the evolution of the field from older, conventional methods to modern solutions like NetNow. To wrap up, Nauman Hafeez from NetNow will showcase how their innovative product has been a game-changer for their existing customers. This webinar is essential for credit managers seeking to leverage technology to enhance efficiency and decision-making in their departments.

Bullet-point Summary :

  • Trend Analysis: Eli will kick off the webinar by discussing the latest trends and technological advancements in credit decisioning.
  • Industry Evolution: Darcie, an industry veteran, will share her insights on the shift from traditional credit management methods to modern solutions, including NetNow.
  • Product Impact: Nauman from NetNow will demonstrate how their innovative product has revolutionized operations and outcomes for our current customers.
  • Essential Learning: This webinar is crucial for credit managers looking to utilize technology for improved efficiency and decision-making in their departments.


Nauman Hafeez - Co-founder and CEO at NetNow 

Eli Costea - Co-founder and COO at NetNow 

Darcie Dykowytsch, CCP - Credit & Collections Manager at Independent Mechanical Supply 


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