Board of Directors

The board of directors is elected on a yearly basis during the Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM). This board is bound to act within the by-laws of the Credit Institute of Canada. Please visit the Governance page for more information.

National Director

National Director - PrairiesPeter Smith, CPA, CA, CCP2213560598e18-6448-4185-9468-fbc2cac02674False

Executive Committee

Chapter PresidentCynthia Chen, CCP34960False
Chapter Vice PresidentMary Masson Hummel, CCP22097False
Chapter TreasurerLinda Contreras Ayazo, CCP40190False
Chapter Past PresidentLisa Jamieson, CCP32133False


ACI/CCP Emeritus ReviewCynthia Chen, CCP34960False
ACI/CCP Emeritus ReviewDavid Hopkyns, ACI20848False
Golf Committee ChairReg Lucas, CCP1004False
ACI/CCP Emeritus ReviewReg Lucas, CCP1004False
Student Coordinator ChairMary Masson Hummel, CCP22097False
ACI/CCP Emeritus ReviewJoanne McGill, ACI19568False
Bylaw/LegislationHoward Sniderman, Q.C.22724False
Graduation/AwardsCynthia Chen, CCP34960False
Marketing/PublicityLinda Contreras Ayazo, CCP40190False
NewsletterLinda Contreras Ayazo, CCP40190False
SeminarsJennifer Dreher, CCP31063False
Marketing/PublicityDavid Hopkyns, ACI20848False
Social EventsDavid Hopkyns, ACI20848False
Graduation/AwardsDavid Hopkyns, ACI20848False
Graduation/AwardsMary Masson Hummel, CCP22097False
MembershipMary Masson Hummel, CCP22097False
MembershipJoanne McGill, ACI19568False
Social EventsJoanne McGill, ACI19568False
Graduation/AwardsJoanne McGill, ACI19568False
MembershipTracey Sidwell, CCP30611False
Marketing/PublicityTracey Sidwell, CCP30611False
MembershipTracey Sidwell, CCP30611False
SeminarsMichael Singh, CCP34121False
NewsletterMichael Singh, CCP34121False