Graduation and Awards Ceremonies

Toronto Chapter - Graduation and Awards

Graduation and Awards CeremoniesTOR_GRAD17GRAD

Graduation and Awards Ceremonies

Graduation and Awards Ceremonies

Congratulations Graduates & Award Winners!

The Toronto Chapter would like to offer special thanks to our generous award donors.

  1. Bank of Montreal
  2. Bayer Inc.
  3. Brampton Brick Limited
  4. Dun & Bradstreet Canada
  5. Equifax Canada Co.
  6. Past Presidents and Past Forum Chairs
  7. SCORE Statistical Consulting Inc.

The Toronto Chapter is also proud to be a major sponsor of this evenings graduation ceremonies.

Congratulations to our 2017 Certified Credit Professional (CCP) Graduates, Credit Specialist Graduates and Award Winners!


  1. Yasminah Abbas, Credit Specialist
  2. Elvis Djanwoua, Credit Specialist
  3. Correna Kisun, Credit Specialist
  4. Nandakumar Kurup, Credit Specialist
  5. Jeffrey Lahay, Credit Specialist
  6. Derek Macarthur, Credit Specialist
  7. Hany Mikhail, Credit Specialist
  8. Francisco Jose Monroy Zuniga, Credit Specialist
  9. Naila Mzik, Credit Specialist
  10. Maria Pinos, Credit Specialist
  11. Raluca Pop, Credit Specialist
  12. Anna Rende, Credit Specialist
  13. Muhammad Salman, Credit Specialist
  14. Ana Van Der Heide, Credit Specialist


  1. Ibrahim Yahya Al Mutaa, CCP
  2. Naomi Baraka, CCP
  3. Jennifer Bourne, CCP
  4. Ashley Carlucci, CCP
  5. Juan Cortes Fisher, CCP
  6. Lisa Glynn, CCP
  7. Shaowen (Cindy) Huang, CCP
  8. Christaline Jesuratnam, CCP
  9. EunJung(Esther) Kim, CCP
  10. Eusebio Lipnica, CCP
  11. Sarojini Mohamed, CCP
  12. Ken Modl, CCP
  13. Trang Nguyen, CCP
  14. Svetlana Norenberg, CCP
  15. Thaya Perinpanathan, CCP
  16. Sharon Wong Sing Ting, CCP


Last Row (L to R): Eusebio Lipnica, CCP; Ken Modl, CCP; Juan Cortés Fisher, CCP
Middle Row (L to R): Trang Nguyen, CCP; Nandakumar Kurup, Credit Specialist; Ibrahim Al Mutaa, CCP; Jennifer Bourne, CCP; Correna Kisun Douglas, Credit Specialist
Front Row (L to R): Svetlana Norenberg, CCP; Sharon Wong Sing Ting, CCP; Ana Van Der Heide, Credit Specialist; Cindy Huang, CCP; Ester Kim, CCP; Naomi Baraka, CCP


Award: Credit Specialist graduating with the Highest Mark in Credit Management in 3 years or less from enrollment.
Sponsored by: Equifax Canada Co.
Winner: Jeffrey Lahay, Credit Specialist

Award: Gordon J. Newman CCP (Emeritus) Memorial Award for Financial Accounting Fundamentals – Highest Mark
Sponsored by: Toronto Chapter, Past Presidents & Past Chairs of the National Forum
Presenter: Bob Thivierge, CCP (Emeritus)
Winner: Aisha Mian

Award: Fundamentals in Business – Highest Mark
Sponsored by: Bank of Montreal
Presenter: Paul Dover, CCP
Winner Ana Van Der Heide, Credit Specialist

Award: Canadian Credit Law – Highest Mark
Sponsored by: Toronto Chapter
Presenter: Kamla Ramoutar, CCP
Winner: Mike Bortolotto

Award: Managing Credit with Information Technology I – Highest Mark
Sponsored by: Brampton Brick Ltd.
Presenter: n/a
Winner: Yvonne Gaba

Award: Managing Credit with Information Technology II – Highest Mark TIE
Sponsored by: Toronto Chapter
Presenter: Supinder Babra, CCP
Winner: Shaowen (Cindy) Huang, CCP
Winner: Sharon Kate Wong Sing Ting, CCP

Award: Credit Management - Highest Mark
Sponsored by: Dun & Bradstreet Canada
Presenter: Lina Chindamo, CCP and Senior Risk Management Consultant
Winner: Pia Theresa Catedral

Award: Advanced Credit Management - Highest Mark
Sponsored by: SCORE Statistical Consulting Inc.
Presenter: Louis Fortin, Sales Manager
Winner: Pia Theresa Catedral

Award: The Certified Credit Professional graduating with the highest combined marks in Credit Management and Advanced Credit Management Sponsored by: Bayer Inc.
Presenter: Sonya Rouseau, CCP
Winner: Lisa Glynn, CCP

National Award Winners

2017-11-11 5:30 PM
The Old Mill Inn 21 Old Mill Road Guildhall A and B Toronto, ON CANADA

Saturday, 11 November 2017


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