Transfer Credits

Course Exemptions
Exemptions for FB1, CL1, CR1, CR2, CR3-I, and CR3-II will not be considered. Only the Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance courses may be exempted.

Students requesting course exemptions must complete and forward the Application for Advanced Standing, accompanied with original transcripts of marks to the National Office of the Institute for evaluation. Transfer courses will be considered where courses have been completed within the last ten years. Exemptions may be granted for equivalent courses taken at recognized universities and colleges, providing the course content and standards are deemed to be equivalent. In addition to transcripts, students seeking exemptions for courses completed outside of Canada should submit course syllabus and/or the institution’s course catalogue descriptions. Students with related practical experience should also forward a detailed employment résumé. Students who have completed related courses outside of Canada should also provide a course syllabus if available.

Please note that a fee of $150 + GST/HST per transfer credit will be charged for each exemption granted.

A non-refundable evaluation fee of $60.00 + GST/HST must accompany the request for exemptions.

Advanced Standing Process

  1. Review the list of recognized institutions and courses.
  2. Submit completed Advanced Standing Application form by email, fax, or in person.
    Credit Institute of Canada
    c/o CCP Application and Registration

    219 Dufferin Street
    Suite 216C
    Toronto, ON M6K 3J1
    Telephone: 416-572-2615
    Fax: 416-572-2619