Fees and Tuition

Student Membership Fee

The Credit Institute of Canada annual membership fee for students is $150.00. This covers the period of April 1 to March 31, and entitles students to the benefits of active membership. These include free videos, articles and tools from the Knowledge Centre, as well as access to the member-exclusive job board. A full list of member benefits are below.

New Students pay the membership fee at the time of the first registration, and receive a yearly renewal notice until completion of the program. The fee is due by April 1 and must be paid every year even when not taking courses.

Re-activation fee:
If a student does not renew their membership on an annual basis, a re-activation fee of $200.00 per missed year will apply in order to be reinstated into the program.

CCP Course Fees

Course fees vary between $745 - $845 per course and include the costs of textbooks and shipping, lesson materials, and sessional examination fees. Course fees do not include items such as: supplemental or deferred examination fees, stationery, or late assignment submission fees.

International students

International students are subject to a di erent fee schedule, to accommodate additional fees for shipping course materials and holding exams in their country of residence. Please contact us via our chat line or by email (geninfo@creditedu.org) for details.

Payment of Fees

Enrollment applications must be accompanied by full payment of all applicable fees. Students can choose to enclose a cheque or contact the o ce to pay by credit card. Arrangements can be made for payment with a post-dated cheque, in those instances; payment must be received in full prior to the start of the course. Contact the o ce to discuss.

Refund Policy

If an enrollment application is not accepted by the Credit Institute of Canada, a full refund will be given. Course fees are refundable provided notice of withdrawal is received in writing by the refund deadline. A refund will be approved provided the material for the course is returned unmarked and in reusable condition.

The Student Membership Fee, Transfer Credit Fee, and Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee are nonrefundable. This is a rm policy and no departure is permitted.