Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members of the Credit Institute of Canada receive the following benefits:

  • Increased value to your employer, resulting in better job security and higher income potential
  • Access to our Credit Professional Employment Referral Program for job opportunities
  • Access to a network of credit professionals for mentorship opportunities and sharing best practices and benchmarking expertise via local chapters
  • Stay current on credit-related topics including legislative issues
  • Weekly e-newsletter - an online source of credit and business information
  • Access to our Knowledge Centre - an online library of credit management resources
  • Discount on seminars and networking events
  • Special offers and discounts from Credit Institute Affinity Partners such as TD Insurance and Member Perks
  • Discount on credit reference materials
  • Social networking - LinkedIn groups

Refund Policy 
Fees are non-refundable. As no departure from this policy is permitted, applicants should assess their position carefully before applying. When a member chooses to terminate their membership, no refund of the prepaid dues will be provided. If an application is rejected, a refund less a $25.00 administration charge will be provided.

Membership Fee 

The affiliate membership fee for the 2017/2018 membership year ending March 31st is $165.00 plus HST/GST based on your province of residence plus the applicable chapter fee. 

New members will pay a pro-rated amount - 1/12 of the membership fee for each month until January. New members who join between January and March will receive a membership welcome bonus -- up to 15 months of membership privileges for the price of 12 months.

Chapter Selection Chapter Fee 
 Atlantic   $60.00
 British Columbia   $65.00
 Calgary  $136.50
 Conestoga  $206.60
 Edmonton  $72.00
 Hamilton  $220.00
 Manitoba  $35.00
 Montreal / Quebec City  $200.00
 Saskatchewan  $35.00
 Southwestern Ontario  $50.00
 Toronto  $92.00


To be included in the roster you must be a current paid member. 

*If employment address is provided, all employment information will appear in the Roster. Only where employment information is not given will home information appear in the Membership Roster.

*Membership is not dependent on the age of the applicant provided that he or she has attained legal age.

Age, sex, and income are important to us in formulating demographic, membership and marketing information. This information will not be used for assessing membership and will be kept confidential, for National Office use only.

The Credit Institute of Canada membership information obtained through any membership with the Credit Institute is private and confidential. Any unauthorized solicitation to Credit Institute of Canada members is strictly prohibited, as is the publishing or sale of Credit Institute of Canada membership information. Any violators may be subject to punitive damages/legal action.

By submitting this application you acknowledge and declare that contingent upon being admitted as an Affiliate member of the Credit Institute of Canada, you agree to be bound by the provisions of the Institute and its Chapters, to abide by the General By-Laws and Standing Rules, and to comply with the Institute's Code of Ethics. In addition, you will make every effort to complete at least one of the following: CCP (formerly FCI) course(s), attend a Credit Institute of Canada Conference, Commercial Credit Administration Program, attend a Forum meeting, two Credit Institute seminars or attend eight dinner meetings within each and every three year period.