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Picture of the productOptimizing B2B Payments for today and tomorrow
Webinar is focused on emerging trends and solutions with respect to B2B Payments. The presenter is sharing the latest research from Payments Canada including observations and impacts from the pandemic. There will be a deep dive into electronic commercial card payments and how to optimize processing for security and efficiency within AR.

Moneris Speaker:
Rob Wilkinson, Vice President, B2B at Moneris

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Picture of the productBuilding a Cash Culture Driven by AR Excellence
Cash management practices can make or break a business, so prudent cash and liquidity management are critical for any time and season.
As we move on from cash preservation tactics deployed in recent years, organizations are looking to build a cash culture to achieve and maintain business outcomes relating to AR for the long term.

BlackLine Speakers:

Brian Morgan, Director Product Marketing AR

Andrew Henderson, Account Director - Canada

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Picture of the productAR moves to a different beat
Every business does AR. We all know it is important – some would say integral. But how can you get more from it?

At BlackLine we think it is all about movement. By shifting your perspective and embracing change, you can realize the untapped potential in AR.

Boost cash flow. Create greater financial flexibility. Drive important if not critical decision making that goes well beyond a collection process!

It’s time to move from process to progress. It is time to choose AR automation to move to a different beat.

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Picture of the productSlowdown and the Domino Effect_Global Economic Crisis
Date: JUN 16, 2006.
Speaker: Stephen S. Poloz.

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Picture of the productInternet for Credit Managers
Date: JAN 17, 2008.
Speaker: Anne Northcott.

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Picture of the productUpdates to the BIA
Date: OCT 16, 2008.
Speaker: William A. Courage.

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Picture of the productSharpen Your Credit Skills Using Financial Statements
Date: MAY 17, 2011

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Picture of the productMy Customer is Restructuring, in Recevership or Bankrupt - W
Date: MAY 22, 2012.
Speaker: Jerry Henechowicz.

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Picture of the productwhere is your credit risk hiding
Date: JUL 18, 2013.
Speaker: Tim Vin.

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Picture of the productUpdate on Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Date: NOV 20, 2013.
Speaker: Francis N.J. Taman, Alex Fay.

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Picture of the productIntroduction to Corporate Governance
Date: DEC 9, 2015.
Speakers: Jeremy Brisset, Lawyer, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.

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Picture of the productBusiness Valuation_What Credit Managers Can Learn From Busin
Date: FEB 18, 2015.
Speaker: Siddhu Sheth.

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Picture of the productWhy the Order-to-Cash cycle is not a finance issue
Date: NOV 8, 2017.
Speakers: Linda van Kampen, Damian Leslie.

This live webinar is COMPLIMENTARY and is sponsored by Order2Cash.

This presentation will discuss;

- The need to re-think the order to cash cycle
- Why cash flow depends on communication
- The dangers of data silos
- How proactive credit management can be the key to success

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Picture of the productRisk-Volatility and Your Business
Date: NOV 22, 2017.
Speakers: Sherry Lynn Solomon, George Brown, Peter Smith.

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Picture of the productSmall Business Insights
Date: OCT 13, 2017.
Speaker: Pamela Dodaro.

This webinar is COMPLIMENTARY and is sponsored by TransUnion.

This presentation will;
- Showcase small business market trends
- Illustrate the differences between traditional bank trade & supplier trade performance
- Highlight the incremental value of alternative data
- Offer a holistic view into the value of using overlays of small business owner credit performance for improved risk mitigation

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Picture of the productA Digital Approach to Receivables Management
Date: SEP 13, 2017.
Speaker: Tony Kelly.

This presentation will discuss:
- Receivables Management: Pre-delinquency, Collections, Pre-Legal/Recovery and Legal Enforcement.
- Utilizing highly automated platforms with integrated and configurable work flows
- Outcome-based strategies for various types of debt, customers and agencies
- Enhanced communications and document management
- Receivables Analytics - what information you can get and what you can do with it

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Picture of the productHome Capital Near Death Experience
Date: APR 4, 2018.
Speaker: David Baskin.

Live Webinar: Home Capital's Crisis: A Case Study.
This webinar will examine a case study of how liquidity and credit and evaporate when a company loses its credibility and the trust of its creditors. In 2017 alternative mortgage lender Home Capital Group faced a run on the bank. It had been slow to release news that some of its mortgages had been granted on the basis of fraudulent income statements, submitted by mortgage brokers. When the OSC brought charges against the company, depositors panicked and withdrew billions of dollars from company accounts and investment certificates. Home Capital faced a near-death experience as its liquidity dried up and its stock price dropped by 90%.

Home Capital Crises will discuss;
- It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up
- How little problems can become near-death events
- When access to credit is like access to oxygen, and death by suffocation
- When fundamentals are not enough

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Picture of the productFive Most Common Business Credit Mistakes
Date: JUN 7, 2018.

How often has your accounts receivable department attempted to collect a payment, only to discover that a client has gone bankrupt, or cannot be compelled to pay an invoice? Each unpaid account is significant revenue lost. But there are ways to minimize this loss. The Credit Institute of Canada invites you to join us for this live complimentary webinar; Five Most Common Business Credit Mistakes.

This webinar will cover:
- Overlooking the warning signs of client insolvency
- The effects of waiting too long on overdue accounts
- The struggle of sales vs. credit teams

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Picture of the productManaging a Multigenerational Workforce
Date: MAR 18, 2018.
Speaker: Trina Casey-Myatt.

Ms. Trina Casey-Myatt serves as the Metro Market Manager at Robert Half International. Trina began working in the recruitment industry in 1997 with a focus on accounting and finance. During her tenure, she has seen the evolution of the sector and the impact of a multi-generational work force.

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Picture of the productFrom Innovating to Driving Impact
Date: MAY 17, 2018.
Speaker: John McLeod.

"How Credit Professional Can Successfully Lead Change In Their Organization"

Live Webinar: How to use FinTech to Lead Change in your Organization

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Picture of the productWhat does a digital transformation mean for finance teams
Date: NOV 8, 2018.
Speaker: John McLeod.

Finance departments are undergoing a digital transformation; new technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly important tools. In order to keep pace with customer expectations, millennials in the workforce, and ambitious growth targets, leaders are embracing these technologies in order to stay competitive and relevant. Digital transformation is no longer a second thought for many companies – it is now at the forefront of their business strategy. We will discuss:

- How digital transformation will reshape the roles and functions within finance
- How RPA and AI can optimize the finance function
- How to stay competitive and relevant during the digital transformation

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Picture of the productTrade Credit Insurance
Date: SEP 12, 2018

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Picture of the productPublic Legal Notices
Date: SEP 19, 2018.
Speaker: Graham MacLachlan.

What you'll learn:
Mitigates Risk
Facilitates attractive bank financing
Offers Credit Enhancement
Increase Sales

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Picture of the productHelping Businesses Manage through the Coronavirus Pandemic
Date: MAY 19, 2020.
Haut-parleurs: Christie Zuk, Dun & Bradstreet, Jay McKeown.

The webinar will shed light on how to navigate the 'External Landscape' and maintain the status quo with an 'Open Mindset'.

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Picture of the productEmployment Trends COVID19
Date: APR 27, 2020.
Speakers: Trina Casey-Myatt, Stephen Mill, Jay McKeown.

Join us for a brief presentation followed by robust Q&A to discuss how COVID-19 has changed the way we work, and how these changes are likely to impact the world of work that it leaves behind. We’ll also look specifically at the role of credit professionals and what COVID-19 has, and will, mean for them as we try to make sense of this is new (and evolving) landscape.

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Picture of the productState of Bankruptcies in Canada
Date: JUN 16, 2020.
Speaker: Lou Brzezinski.

Lou Brzezinski is a partner of the firm’s Commercial Litigation Group and practices in all areas of business reorganization, insolvency, liquidation and bankruptcy. He has consistently argued complex cases before all levels of courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal for Ontario, Federal Court of Appeal, and Divisional Court. Variety in representation, Lou has acted for creditors, debtors, court-appointed monitors and trustees in bankruptcy. Lou has acted for a number of high profile insolvencies in Canada, including Sears Canada, Target Canada, Coopers & Lybrand, Crystallex, US Steel Canada Inc. and Essar Steel Algoma Inc. Commercial litigation high profile clients include Greenwin Property Management Limited and Burger King Canada in critical business issues.

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Picture of the productEconomic Update With David Baskin
Date: JUN 3, 2020.
Speaker: David Baskin.

David Baskin, founder & President of Baskin Financial Services, is a widely known expert commentator on national television and radio and in major publications. He is a Frequent guest on BNN-Bloomberg TV, columnist and commentator for CBC Radio I, 680 All News Radio

David believes wealth management is about more than just money. He has built Baskin Wealth Management to serve the needs of families on a holistic basis, recognizing the intimate connections between parents, children, grandchildren and siblings, and viewing money as a tool to help family members achieve their goals. He understands that decisions about money are emotional as well as intellectual and that they are best made when the advisor and the client have a close and mutually respectful long-term relationship.

An enthusiastic sailor and traveller, David and his wife Joan Garson have two adult children. The entire family is actively involved in their community and participate regularly in charitable events.

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Picture of the productFortifying Your First Line of Defense with Cyber Security
Date: JUN 9, 2020.
Speaker: Ian Evans.

Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) is a comprehensive cybersecurity education platform that delivers relevant, topical training for measurable results. CSAT helps protect against breaches from phishing attacks, compliance violations, and other unforced errors, so you and your company stay safe from cyberattacks.

What you will learn: · What are today’s biggest cyber security issues? · What are the best practices for keeping you and your business safe from cyber threats? · How can we identify the different types of security threats? · What is ransomware, phishing emails, social engineering exploits, etc.? · Why is it important for businesses to have proper cyber security awareness training? · Covering 3 learning modules: Understanding Phishing Awareness, Ransomware Awareness, and Safe Web Browsing.

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Picture of the productHome and Auto Insurance
Date: MAY 12, 2020.

If you're like many Canadians, home and auto insurance can be confusing. Want to learn more about what factors can affect your premium and ways you could save?

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Picture of the productRisk Management
Date: MAY 14, 2020.
Speakers: Elisabeth Loret, Dun, Bradstreet.

Best Practices for Managing Credit Risk in Times of Economic Uncertainty.

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Picture of the productSecurity And Collateral
Date: MAY 21, 2020.
Speakers: Ed Walsh, Geoffrey Last, Jay McKeown.

The Credit Institute of Canada brings you an exclusive webinar from our esteemed panelists on Security & Collateral.
Join us to hear the low-down from the brightest credit professionals and learn about industry best practices.

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Picture of the productHighRadius presents100 Years of AI
Date: SEP 29, 2020.
Speaker: Kathleen Quill.

For the credit department, AI could enable freedom from repetitive, menial tasks allowing them to focus on more strategic job roles requiring human touch and cognitive intelligence. We are officially in the digital age where Credit and A/R leaders have an important role to play than that of a change agent. Help your team understand and learn AI so that they can use this technology to deliver results with increased efficiency. This session from HighRadius takes a deep-dive into the myths vs. facts of Artificial Intelligence, and builds a case for acceptance of this technology in the credit and A/R space. Learn how you can grow within your department by capitalizing on AI-powered automation.

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Picture of the productEmpowering Global Credit for Your Business
Date: April 21, 2021.
Speakers: Equifax.

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Picture of the productUsing Cash Flow Data to Analyze Credit Risk
Date: May 12, 2021.
Speakers: Gord Baizley, CEO, JUDI.AI.

Banking on Alternative Data: Using Cash Flow Data to Analyze Credit Risk.

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Picture of the productBankruptcies and Insolvencies
Date: May 27, 2021.
Speakers: Rhonda Fox-Miles, Owner, Fox-Miles & Associates Inc.

Key takeaways:
-What does it mean and what options are available?
-Deep dive on the differences between commercial and personal.

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Picture of the productAgriculture Industry Credit Risk Management Best Practices
Date: December 15, 2021.
Speaker: André Fagnou |Director, Credit
Company: FCC

About Webinar:
Key concepts and practices for reviewing credit requests using agriculture industry examples. There will be time for questions and discussion.

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Picture of the productWelcome Note Session 1 Global Economic Outlook
Date: June 16, 2021.

Keynote Speaker: Robert Hogue, Senior Economist, RBC.

Economic Outlook: Moving to the other side of the valley.

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Picture of the productPanel Discussion Technology Implementation At Work
Date: June 16, 2021.

Moderator: Peter Smith, CCP, CPA, CA, Controller Corporate Services, BrettYoung, Panelists: Madeleine Féquière, CCP, Corporate Credit Chief, Domtar | Ivana Pejic, CCP, Associate Director, Accounts Receivable & Trade Spend, Iovate Health Sciences | Sandra King, CCP, Credit Collections Manager, Bunzl Canada.

The Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are all buzzwords in today's advanced technology ecosystem. Our seasoned panelists will share their experience and the lessons learned during their involvement with technology implementation for credit operations.

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Picture of the productPrivacy in Canada
Date: June 16, 2021.

Speaker: Karen Sanghera, Senior Advisor, Business Advisory Directorate, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada | Monica Cop, Senior Advisor, Business Advisory Directorate, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

-Gain an understanding of the Privacy Legislative landscape in Canada.

-Learn what key privacy considerations businesses should think about in handling personal information, including in instances of cross border flows -Understand your obligations under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

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Picture of the productLessons Learned and Best Practices to Minimize Impact of
Date: June 16, 2021.

Speaker: Chetan Sehgal, CPA, CA·IFA, CFF, CFI, CAMS, MAcc, Partner Advisory Services, Forensic Disputes & Investigations, BDO Canada LLP.

In this session, our subject matter expert will share some lessons learned and best practices from investigating frauds via the use of real life case examples involving international credit, trade financing, and technology driven frauds, such as phishing and social engineering. The best practices discussion will include not only debriefing what happened in those cases but the steps that can be taken to avoid or at least minimize the risk of occurrence and impact of such frauds.

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Picture of the productFireside Chat The Future of Work
Date: June 16, 2021.

Panelists: Nick Pilavidis, FICM CCE, CEO, Australian Institute of Credit Management | Sue Chapple, FCICM, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Credit Management | Nawshad Khadaroo, CCP, General Manager, Credit Institute of Canada.

What does the future of credit look like? It's a question everyone in the industry would love answered. Understanding how emerging trends and technologies are impacting how we work would give credit professionals the power to envision organizational change in systematic and profitable ways.

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Picture of the productWe can't just push the Al button
Date: June 17, 2021.

Introduction: Steven Adams, CCP, CCE, Credit Manger at OSCO Group, Speaker: Anthony Scriffignano, PhD., SVP, Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet.

Discussion on global change in the datasphere is challenging business leaders to think differently about making decisions with data. Best practices, discuss challenges and future risks, and explore models for problem and opportunity formulation that are helpful in this kinetic environment.

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Picture of the productCredit Workshop with Equifax Canada
Date: June 17, 2021.

Moderators: Jeff Brown, Senior Director, Small & Medium Business, Equifax Canada | Kevin Freeland, Vertical Marketing Consultant, Equifax Canada | Lina Chindamo, CCP, Director, Enterprise Accounts at Creditsafe Canada | Steve Carpenter, Country Manager, Creditsafe Canada.

Roll up your sleeves, and join us for an interactive workshop where we'll discuss credit application scenarios and boil it down to; would you issue credit? We'll evaluate reports, share ideas, discuss real-life scenarios that we've all faced and come away with some skills we can leverage when the scenario isn't always black and white.

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Picture of the productLunch With MetCredit
Date: June 17, 2021.

Speaker: Marc Billard, Vice President, MetCredit.

Covid-19: What have we've learnt? Where do we go from here?

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Picture of the productInternational Trade Panel Mitigating Risk In Pandemic World
Date: June 17, 2021.

Moderator: Ed Walsh, CCP: President, Elevate Export Finance Corp., VP CIC National Board Panelists: Glen Millard, Regional Vice-President, Ontario Export Development Canada | Bill Macheras, CITP Trade Commissioner and InfoCentre Manager, Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner Service, Global Affairs Canada.

The World Trade Organization is projecting an increase of 8.0% in world merchandise trade in 2021 compared to a decline of 5.3% last year. Although not at a pre-pandemic level, this rebound in global trading augurs well for companies selling to an international market. As credit professionals dealing with international customers, we are all probably wondering if doing business in the global trading landscape after COVID-19 will be the same as before. The panel discussion will cover the most salient information on what you need to know to help your company prosper in a world of post-Covid.

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Picture of the productPanel Discussion Bankruptcy Insolvency
Date: June 17, 2021.

Moderator: Jay McKeown, CCP, President & Dean, Credit Institute of Canada Panelists: Lou Brzezinski, Partner, Blaney McMurty LLP (Canada) | Octávio Aronis, Director, Aronis Advogados/Aronis Law (Brazil) | Federico De Noriega Olea, Partner, Hogan Lovells (Mexico) | Melissa Jarvin, Senior Associate, Results Legal (Australia) | Senthil Alagar Partner, Restructuring, Grant Thornton UK LLP (United Kingdom).

Will the vaccines roll out be a shot in the arms of struggling businesses and industries? How soon will we see a return to pre-pandemic business activities? The panel discussion will revolve around bankruptcy and insolvency trends in different regions of the world. Our experienced panelists will provide their insights and some crystal-ball predictions.

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Picture of the productJobs & AI Anxiety: The Future of Work
Date: October 21, 2021.

Speaker: Trina Casey-Myatt | Regional Vice President, Alberta

Company: Robert Half

For decades, people have worried that one day machines could take over their jobs. Robert Half research suggests that there’s little to fear about emerging technologies — if you’re prepared. Instead, there will likely be many opportunities to take advantage of. In this PowerPoint presentation, we discuss how new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will affect the workplace and the nature of your job — and the jobs of your employees.

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Picture of the productBill 37 And Prompt Payment & Construction Lien Act
Date: October 21, 2021.

Speaker: Graham Sanson | Barrister & Solicitor | Bishop & McKenzie LLP

Graham is an associate at Bishop & McKenzie with a practice covering Commercial Disputes, Construction Litigation, Collections, Condominium Property Law, and Bankruptcy and Insolvency matters. He completed his Juris Doctor in 2015 and began articling at Bishop & McKenzie LLP that same year. Graham has made submissions before every level of Court in Alberta. Graham is also the firm’s coordinator for the Queen’s Bench Amicus Program, which helps those without representation in Civil Masters and Justice Chambers.

Key takeaways: What to expect with the changes in Alberta? How will this impact you and when you get paid!

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Picture of the productAuditoria.AI: Why You Should Care About AI and Advanced Tech
Date: September 14, 2021
Speaker: Elaine M. Nowak | Director Product Marketing, Auditoria.AI
Manual, repetitive work is holding back the back office. Auditoria recently surveyed more than 600 finance professionals to understand automation in the back office. Our report takes a deep dive into the responses collected from the corporate finance back office, including the tasks that take up the majority of a finance professional’s time, the top challenges within the finance back-office, and the current and future state of automation in finance.

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