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Please consult the Program of Professional Studies and Services for more information about program requirements, course schedule and content.

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Certified Credit Professional

The CCP Program curriculum provides students with the management skills and confidence to assume a leadership role in their organization. Four of the eight courses are in-depth credit management courses, while each of the remaining four core courses focuses on accounting, economics, communications, law, finance and management information system respectively. Combining five years of work experience in a credit position, this program ultimately leads to the CCP designation. View details...  

Commercial Credit Administration Program

The Commercial Credit Administration program is designed for credit personnel who are eager to enhance and evolve their current skills in managing business-to-business credit. The three courses in the program will help you put the building blocks in place so that you can turn your job into a career.

When you complete this dynamic program, you will receive a certificate that acknowledges your enriched skills making you more valuable to employers.

Completion of all three courses of the program will also earn you a one year Credit Institute free membership. View details...

National Collector Certificate Program

The Credit Institute of Canada’s National Collector Certificate Program, a cost effective and comprehensive approach to collector training. A useful tool for screening potential employees for jobs, benchmarking collection employees, and for independent skill assessment. View details...   

Short Modules

The Credit Institute offers 13 Short Module courses. These courses allow you to gain competence and confidence in various aspects of Credit Management. They are ideal for individuals who need additional background in a key credit area, or want to prepare for their next promotion and be ready with the skills required by their next level of responsibility.

The short modules are also ideal for those who can commit to short term flexible learning activities. View details...  

Enroll in a program

Click a program name to review the requirements for the certification you are interested in. When you are ready to enroll, sign in to the website and select Enroll for the program you wish to pursue. You will be able to view the requirements needed and the deadline date for program completion.

Complete the requirements

Once enrolled, you can view your progress towards the certification. Select an available requirement for details on how to complete it. Some requirements may not be available until prerequisites are completed. 
After completing a requirement, some allow you to record your completion and provide details about when and how you completed it. 
If the requirement requires approval, it will appear as earned after it is approved and credit will be granted. Completion of some other requirements may require association staff to record the completion.  
Click Print Transcript at any time to view a printable record of all the courses and requirements you have completed. 

Complete the program

Complete all of the necessary requirements and ensure that you have the met the minimum number of units required for the program. When your progress has been approved, your certification is earned!