1. Do I have to become a member before enrolling in courses?

Anyone who is enrolled in the Certified Credit Professional Program (CCP) program becomes a student member, they are required to pay an annual student fee.
Membership is not a requirement to enroll in Commercial Credit Administration Program (CCA), Short Modules (SM) and National Collector Certificate Program (NCCP). 

2. Does international experience count toward the required 5 years of work experience?

Your experience in Credit and/or Collections or in Accounts Receivable outside of Canada counts towards the required 5 years of experience.

3. Do I have to take the courses according to the order on the application form?

It is recommended to take the courses according to the order on the application form. 

4. Are there any prerequisites to enroll in the CCP program?

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the CCP program. Individuals employed in a credit-related position or aspiring for a career in credit are invited to enroll in the CCP program.

5. Do you exempt courses taken outside of Canada if I am now in Canada and starting the course?

Students can request course exemptions for the courses taken outside of Canada. 
The request should be sent with the copies of the transcripts, a syllabus of the courses, and a completed Advanced Standing Application to 
The only two courses students can transfer credits towards the CCP Program are Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance courses. 

6. Can I claim taxes for the CCA program?

Students will be provided with a T2202A for the Commercial Credit Administration Program.

7. Can I apply for OSAP to use towards the CCP?

At this time, OSAP does not grant student loans to use towards the CCP.
The CCIEF does provide some scholarship for students on a yearly basis provided they qualify.
Scholarship are granted for every Fall Semester and applications will be accepted up until May 31st of each year. New applications need to be submitted annually. 

8. Can I transfer CCA credits towards the CCP program?

Credits earned from completing the Commercial Credit Administration Program cannot be transferred towards the CCP program.