Anyone who is enrolled in the Certified Credit Professional Program (CCP) program becomes a student member, they are required to pay an annual student fee.
Membership is not a requirement to enroll in Commercial Credit Administration Program (CCA), Short Modules (SM) and National Collector Certificate Program (NCCP). 

Your experience in Credit and/or Collections or in Accounts Receivable outside of Canada counts towards the required 5 years of experience.
It is recommended to take the courses according to the order on the application form. 
There are no prerequisites to enroll in the CCP program. Individuals employed in a credit-related position or aspiring for a career in credit are invited to enroll in the CCP program.

CCP Course Challenge Exams

The Credit Institute recognizes that some credit professionals may have knowledge in a subject matter through prior education and/or experience.  A challenge exam enables an applicant to achieve credit in a required subject area without taking a course. 

At this time, the two courses eligible for a challenge exam are:

  • Fundamentals in Business (FB1)
  • Financial Accounting for Credit Professionals (FAC1)

The Challenge Exams are 3-hour long each and based on the material of the full courses listed above.  The passing grade is 65%.

The prerequisite for writing a CCP Course Challenge Exam is that you are registered as a student member by paying the required membership fees.

Additionally, the cost for each challenge exam is $375.00 plus GST/HST. This does not include textbooks.  Candidates approved to write the exam will receive access for a month to course lectures and other materials for preparation.

A Challenge exam can only be attempted once.  If a candidate does not receive the minimum passing grade, they will be required to register in the full course(s).
Students will be provided with a T2202A for the Commercial Credit Administration Program.
At this time, OSAP does not grant student loans to use towards the CCP.
The CCIEF does provide some scholarship for students on a yearly basis provided they qualify.
Scholarship are granted for every Fall Semester and applications will be accepted up until May 31st of each year. New applications need to be submitted annually. 

Credits earned from completing the Commercial Credit Administration Program cannot be transferred towards the CCP program.