National Board of Directors

The Credit Institute of Canada is governed by a National Board of Directors. The National Directors are elected by their respective regions and may serve up to six years in their position. An Executive Committee is elected from the National Board of Directors and is comprised of a President and Dean, a Vice-President, and a Treasurer. The President and Dean is also the Chair on the National Board of Directors.

President and DeanJay McKeown, CCP4166691461fc-a1ec-40d4-8b9a-cc6dcdeee0b8
Vice PresidentEd Walsh, CCE, CCP8740c00dbce9-78eb-4ae2-9cd6-ae9ac6ed27ed
SecretaryNawshad Khadaroo, CCP10009608742fe-9a03-4012-bc1c-eeafbe379ffa
TreasurerWilliam Willoughby, CCP21102a811c0ff-4553-4b1c-9095-8cdc34c719f9
Directeur National - Province de QuebecGuy Barbeau, CCP, MBA10984d4a98b20-2c5a-4aba-a5f0-053486373b81
National Director - AtlanticSteven Adams, CCP, CCE145644a1917ae-3815-4a92-b93d-48d641a4c90c
National Director - British ColumbiaDavid Lundrigan, CCP8200a01961c0-9e51-4df2-aa74-5bd82d6266d6
National Director - OntarioLina Chindamo, CCP124158b929b5f-378c-47c0-89ad-b4e46996f060
National Director - OntarioEd Walsh, CCE, CCP8740c00dbce9-78eb-4ae2-9cd6-ae9ac6ed27ed
National Director - OntarioKenneth Young, CCP (Emeritus)45201441590c-b4b9-4765-8016-78085c723262
National Director - PrairiesDavid Hopkyns, ACI2084808358803-55eb-4794-bdf4-eae6999e58f0
National Director - PrairiesPeter Smith, CPA, CA, CCP2213560598e18-6448-4185-9468-fbc2cac02674
DirecteurNawshad Khadaroo, CCP10009608742fe-9a03-4012-bc1c-eeafbe379ffa

Directors can access their key documents by signing in to the National Board of Directors community page

President & Dean’s Report

I had a terrific time at the conference in Niagara Falls.  This year, the conference committee and our national office out did themselves putting on “Falling into Credit”.  The conference was fun, relevant, absorbing and exciting.  I feel re-energized by the keynote speakers, the breakout sessions and the evening events, and I really enjoyed the venue.  Niagara Falls is truly beautiful. 

The conference this year was particularly special to me as I was voted your President and Dean.  I am honoured to be leading this great organization, and I am lucky to be working with a strong Board of Directors, and with the great staff in our National Office.  The conference was wonderful, but now it is time to get back to work.  We have several initiatives underway and I look forward to the team getting these initiatives to completion over the next two years.  And I am looking forward to our next conference in Banff, 2021.

In a world that is full of change, I believe that the best years are yet to come, for our organization and for our members.  While change is constant, there are also things that have not changed, like the 5 C’s of credit and the 4 P’s of collections.  The tools that have been introduced to our profession in the last few years act as amplifiers or magnifiers, but they do not replace the people who do credit and collections work.  As teams get smaller, the teams themselves become more important to the companies where they work. 

I am looking forward to the next two years and I hope you are, too.  See you in Banff.


Jay McKeown, CCP
President and Dean
Credit Institute of Canada