National Awards Program

The Credit Institute of Canada (CIC) is able to reward outstanding academic achievements in the CCP Program through our National Awards Program. The award recipients are officially recognized at the graduation ceremonies held by their local Chapters every fall. The CIC also recognizes graduates and award winners through various publications.

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The CCP Cutting Edge

Congratulations to our 2018 Award Winners:

The Credit Institute of Canada's vision is "To be the most reputable, sought-after professional association and authority in credit education.” The following National Award Winners have demonstrated academic excellence, and are recognized for their achievements - Congratulations!

President's Award

The President's Founders Award is for the Highest overall average above 85%, in 8 CCP courses, obtained by a student who graduates in 4 years or less.

Full Name
Philippe Leblanc, CCP
Rachel M. Hoffman, CCP

Highest Mark

Full NameCourse
Severino Jr Avellana Ignacio, CCPFA1
Arnaud Adjanohoun, CCPGDCI
Chris Mark, CCPFN1
Diana Lucia Deschambault, CCPCR3-II
Diana Lucia Deschambault, CCPCR3-I
Pascaline M. Ngassa, CCPCR2
Muhammad Salman, CCPCL1

Second Highest Mark

Full NameCourse
Muhammad Salman, CCPCR3-II
Kiren Manhas, CCPFA1
Philippe Leblanc, CCPFN1
Pia Theresa Catedral, Credit SpecialistCR3-I
Priya Parasram, CCPCR3-I
David Virgo, CCPCR3-I
Rama Paudel Satyal, Credit SpecialistCR1
Alana Field, Credit SpecialistFB1
Etandip Akoh-Arrey, CCPFB1
David Virgo, CCPCL1

Quaker Oats Trophy

The trophy was donated by the Quaker Oats Company in 1932 and has been awarded annually since then. It is awarded to the chapter that performs the best and shows the greatest improvement in a number of criteria related to student enrollment, course completion and membership development. Read more...