​Code of Ethics

As members of the Credit Institute of Canada, we share a responsibility for the good character and reputation of the Credit Profession, and for making certain that all individuals and corporate bodies buying on credit are served with competence and integrity.

The Code

Members of the Credit Institute of Canada, shall adhere to the following code of professional conduct and ethical practices:

  1. To abide by the laws of Canada in all matters including those which are relevant to the Credit Profession.
  2. To uphold the integrity, dignity and honour of the Credit Institute of Canada and the Credit Profession in all matters.
  3. To discharge our responsibilities to our employers, fellow employees, customers and the community in a conscientious and equitable manner.
  4. To respect and carefully safeguard confidential information and opinions received during credit investigations, so that all parties are not exposed to any harm or embarrassment.
  5. To base the interchange of credit information upon confidentiality, cooperation and reciprocity.
  6. To unite in exposing unjust credit practices, inequitable legislation, fraud and corruption.
  7. To provide and encourage training and education for all persons in the Credit Profession with the aim of constantly improving performance of all facets of the Credit Profession.
  8. To continually seek to maintain and improve personal knowledge, skills and competence in credit management.

This Code of Ethics complements but does not replace, interpret, alter, diminish or summarize any and all the detailed ethical standards and procedures as approved by the National Board of Directors, and as may be amended and approved by it from time to time that appear under “Policies” on the website of the Credit Institute of Canada

Under the provisions of the General By-Law any Members found in violation of this Code shall be answerable to the National Board of Directors which has the authority to investigate any complaint, and if deemed proper, to reprimand or expel offending Members from the Credit Institute of Canada. The decision of the National Board of Directors shall be final.

Approved by the National Board of The Credit Institute of Canada this 22nd day of January 2011