Empower Success: Help Your Network Grow and Get Rewarded

As a valued member or student of the Credit Institute of Canada, you're already part of our dynamic professional community and understand the value of our comprehensive credit industry programs. Now, you have the unique opportunity to share this enriching experience with your colleagues and friends through our Referral Program.

By recommending our diverse range of programs you become an integral part of their professional development. Referrals are open for all programs including:

  • Commercial Credit Administration (CCA),
  • Professional Collector MicroCertificate Program (PCMP),
  • Certified Credit Professional (CCP),
  • Executive Certified Credit Professional (ECCP),
  • and other Short Module (SM) programs.

    Referral Rewards

    This referral initiative is more than just a program – it's a chance for you to contribute to the career advancement of your peers while also reaping rewards. For each new student enrollment resulting from your referral, you will receive a reward equal to 5% of the value of the course fee. Embrace the role of a mentor and guide in your network by sharing your unique referral link. Help us build a stronger, more skilled community in the credit industry.

    Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to excellence in the credit industry.

    The Membership Benefits section on our website will help you explain the features and benefits of CIC memberships, educational programs, and designations. There is no better way to raise the profile of our profession than making sure your staff, peers and senior management understand the value of our education and designations.